What kind of wood should I pick for my floors?


Ok, now that you made the first step on choosing wood floor, the second step but yet SO important is the type of wood you choose. A floor’s appearance depends first and foremost on what material it has been milled from. I know, you have a lot of choices and maybe you feel a little overwhelmed or confused. That is ok, as long as you are informed about each type of wood.

Firstly, Oak is the most common type of flooring in the United States. Red oak has salmon tones while white oak is more ashen. White oak floors in their natural state make a space feel so calm and serene. There’s a casual and unfussy feel to this room that I respond to, and of course, they make the space look lighter.

Pine has enormous variety, with colors from brown to yellow and grain patterns that can be straight or wavy.

Grown in the forests of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America and French Guinea, this stunning hardwood features earthy browns with soft burgundy undertones. Absolutely gorgeous, Brazilian Cherry adds flair without overwhelming your space.

Out of all wood species, American Walnut gets chosen often as a favorite hardwood species to use in flooring and other furniture thanks to its durability. Sometimes known as Black American Walnut, many choose this because it gives a darker and richer color to floors compared to other commonly used.

Santos mahogany boasts undulating grain patterns and deep, dark undertones that are flecked with red and gold. This stunning exotic species is found in southern Mexico, Central America and as far away as Argentina. Incredibly hard and dense, its dark brown hue with lustrous red undertones and streaked grain add sophisticated elegance to any décor.

Australian Cypress hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for those who are looking for light colored wood flooring with plenty of character. It is distinguished by its wavy grain pattern with black rings; coloring ranges from creamy white to light brown.

This is just a short summary about some of the type of wood you can choose for your flooring. We hope that you will make the perfect choice for your family and home. And do not forget that for more questions you always have us!

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