Are hard wood stairs worth the cost?

I was reading some articles this morning and I saw a forum where the main question was: are hard wood stairs worth the cost? A mom was asking that because she was curious if the investment is worth it or not. Of course, because I am a contractor and I own a business, I read the answers because I wanted to know what truly think people about hardwood and how they see it financially.

I was pleased with what I saw. So many good answers, so realistic and true! It gave me hope, because I saw that people still appreciate quality and a good hardwood floor.

Now if you have the same question, I am going to paste you same answers from that forum:

Dullea and Associates Inc.
Practicing in the South I see far more wood stairs than carpet. My personal feeling is that you should go with hardwood. They will hold up and also look great! My vote is hardwood.

Brad Konkle
We have carpet on our stairs and have been considering replacing it with hardwoods because the carpet shows wear fast and is difficult to clean.

Go with hardwood. It is so much easier to maintain and keep clean. They will stand the test of time. You can always add an area rug that can be easily replaced or cleaned in a few years.

I would do hardwood. They can be a bit slippery, but it’s not usually a problem. I have spent the money to replace stairs with wood and I never regretted it.

ReMax – Lisa
I would vote for hardwood as well. If you are concerned with them being slippery, you can add a runner down the middle which is relatively Inexpensive to replace when needed, far less than full stair carpet coverage.

Ironwood Builders
Voting for hardwood. By the time the stair treads need refinishing you will have spent much more on new carpet. Return on investment is higher on resale as well.

Robin W
Hardwood all the way. Carpet is hard to clean, and expensive to replace. Also if you’re sick and have to be carried down the stairs by the paramedics, hardwood is a lot easier to maneuver on.

My husband and I are debating this same question. Yes, the cost is high. But I just love wood on stairs . Ours will also be visible from entry. I think it’s a key feature, worth spending the $$$.

We hope that these opinions helped you to take a decision and decide for a hardwood stair!

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