Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

With our dustless hardwood floor sanding system, not only will we clean-up the dust we generate from our sanding machines, we’ll also clean-up any existing prior dust. We just have to make sure your home is cleaner when we leave than when we arrived. And doing that isn’t as hard as you would think. Most people have to remove furniture, area rugs, picture frames and even carpet before we can have clear access to their floors. As you know, hiding under these is usually a lot of dust bunnies and other fun stuff.

Why is dust such an issue?

When most people think of having their floors sanded the first thing that comes to their mind is all the dust. No doubt you’ve heard all the horror stories of people cleaning dust out of their homes weeks after the restoration has been finished. IC HardWood Flooring Chicago don’t let this happen to you!

If not properly contained, super fine dust from the sanding machines can literally get everywhere – in your cupboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, embedded into your curtains, all over your walls and into your ducting. Anything and anywhere that hasn’t been properly sealed off or covered will have a layer of dust all over it. How would you like to clean a mess like that up?

Our dustless system

Our dustless system is portable, quiet, clean and effective, could be used in all types of weather, it is environmentally friendly as well as noise friendly. This system allows us to contain very close to 97–98% of the dust generated by our machines.

It uses cyclone technology to collect the dust from the machines. The cyclones collect and separate the dust very effectively which makes it much more efficient and quieter than most other systems.

We fitted all our machines with special skirts and cyclones to stop almost all the dust from becoming airborne during the sanding process. It gets contained within the machine then sucked up never to be seen again.

There is a big difference between using our dustless hardwood floor sanding system compared to sanding the old, but very commonly used way of just using cloth bags. Cloth bags allow a huge amount of dust to become airborne.

This system, combined with taping off areas not being refinished with industrial plastic and covering heating vents and cupboards etc. gives us close to a 98-99% dust free environment.

How do you get to 100% dust free

Unfortunately, there isn’t any mechanical system available that can suck up every single speck of dust from floor sanding, it’s impossible. So, we teaming up with a respectable, professional cleaning company to come in after us and give every single surface a thorough cleaning. Your walls, countertops, light fixtures, doors, heating ducts, windows, window ledges, sills, mantles, light switches… the complete works!

Between our dustless hardwood floor sanding system and their cleaning system, we guarantee the areas we work in will be cleaner than when we first showed up (with the dust bunnies and other things floating around that came from removing your furniture, carpet, picture frames, area rugs etc.)

We’re so sure about the effectiveness of our 100% Dustless Hardwood Sanding System we’re proud to offer an risk free guarantee if you feel it hasn’t lived up to our claims. We guarantee you won’t have to clean-up any dust at all after we’re both finished. If you’re not happy, we’ll send the cleaners in again until you are.

We’ll be happy to explain more about our system when we come over to evaluate your floors for you in person if you like.